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OUR DEBUT RELEASE - "Surfer Boy Squeeze" featuring BECKY vs CHUCK - JULY 28th, 2004

SWV-01: Becky - 6-1, 150 lbs vs Chuck - 5-10, 170 lbs
Our handsome surfer, Chuck, has no idea what he's in for when we inform him that he's going to be wrestling a new girl. He thinks his skill and strength will be more than enough to overcome any female opponent until he sees the incredibly long legs on the 6-1, 150-lb Becky. He knows he must avoid getting trapped between them at all costs, but time after time, and despite his attempts to stay away from them, he winds up suffering a battery of headscissors and bodyscissors that leave him begging for submission. Fans of chokes, hand smothers, and schoolgirl pins will also have a lot to enjoy in this video. But lest you think this match is completely one-sided, Chuck definitely holds his own for several moments at a time, but in the end, he has to submit to Becky's powerful legs and in a final act of dominance, she forces him to kiss her foot as he lies helpless on the mat. Running time: 46 minutes. Price: $20.
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